REFLECTION ON THE PROFESSION OF PHOTOGRAPHER  Took some time concentrating on this photograph in a professional manner, and by this I mean all that entails such “little word”: photographs and rancher; be given on social security and quote; pay taxes; Locate the business in a particular place, at a local; pay the mortgage…

I like my job, I have studied to do so and I try, to the extent of my ability to keep with the new things that come out. I now remember the beginning, previous studies and possible subsidies, which in the end did not… Work so hard to start; that if commercial registration, name of the company, deposit account, writing of attorney…
We thought that the thing would work; in fact we buy up to a second hand, “all-in-one” machine, a micro-lab that revealed the negative 35 mm, and then copied it to photos 10 × 15, a luxury… But at a bad time. The trends were changing, it already protruded over the horizon the digital world.

With all this, I want to say, the beginning, as in any business, I guess, was not easy. But the worst was yet to come: the blessed economic crisis. Since then we have not done more than try to juggle income to follow later; take from here and put it on the other side… this income it, with the rest… I guess that all employers are in the same boat.
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The rembrandt portrait photography lighting

The rembrandt portrait photography lighting  Taking advantage of that they are teaching me one other trick of lighting in a portrait course I want to share what I’m learning to make it useful and if they do Photo Studio or with lighting on location this can be useful.

Rembrandt lighting is characterized by the famous painter ‘Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’ is characterized by his paintings of portraits which had a great handling light its characteristic more noteworthy was a triangle of light that forms below the eye on one side of the nose.

Although Rembrandt used natural light in those days, it is possible to get a photo with natural or artificial light. I have treated it with a flash (strobe) with a silver umbrella to bounce the light to make it more soft a 45 ° of the subject, and a bouncing or black panel with black surface to absorb light and which reflects not so much.

And the rest was a matter of testing, many did not and finish with this, I need a little more to master the technique but well I wanted to share how it’s done.

By the way if they don’t have Studio lights or strobe type external flashes, can use lamps that have at home or simply use the natural light that offers a window, Rembrandt at that time does not have so much technology.

7 tips for beginners in fashion photography

7 tips for beginners in fashion photography  Fashion is a highly competitive world in all its aspects and photography is no exception to this; to be a successful creative in this field today several considerations that should be taken into account.

The creative portal presents several recommendations for those who venture out in the world of the catwalks, textures, color and everything concerning fashion from the point of view of the lens. We present the seven most important.

1 understand fashion
Find out when you can be about the history of fashion through different times,
designers, best photographers, terminology, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, cuts, news all… relating it to this industry. Become an avid reader to the magazines and other publications of this genre.

2 learn about photo retouching
To be independent, it is necessary to learn how to make changes to your images that you feel is most useful. In the network there are video blogs in which I explain how to achieve this.
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How to take good pictures: 10 tips from professional photographers

How to take good pictures: 10 tips from professional photographers  Photography is a hobby more widespread among people of all ages, but somewhat difficult to master. To take good photographs, it depends not only on count with a good team, or intuition.

1. be patient
One of the trends that has generated digital photography is wanting to take pictures constantly, but only thus you will achieve a large flow of low quality photos. It is important to wait for the perfect catch and take your time to analyze the mistakes that you make.

2 I know flexible
Not always you’ll have perfect conditions for photographing, as in the case of dusk where the colors and the lights change rapidly. You need to be flexible and adapt the camera to light changes. Whenever you take photos be sure to not take always with the same perspective, but vary even slightly the position or the camera settings.
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The Magic of Black and White Photos

The Magic of Black and White Photos  When we refer to the black and white theme immediately connect with classic, which can be simple and at the same time amazing, sophisticated and supremely elegant. And for the artistic photography of marriage these qualities do not escape and I have to say that personally I love black and white photography and how to not recognize it if there are an infinite number of variables inside this technique.

For example there is the picture in white and black with high contrast is that whites are white and blacks are black and other many techniques such as the media tone gray that us back to those photos that printed newspapers before.

Many people have the mistaken idea that the picture in white and black denotes gloomy, hard or cold environments, but they really ignore the warmth and versatility that you can get to having a photograph in black and white.
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Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Tips for Amateur Wedding PhotographersIntrusion, a word that unfortunately professionals know better than they would like. Like any other profession or perhaps something sharper, photography has seen the crisis many fans onto the adventure. Prices of the current SLR cameras are not prohibitive, shooting digital does not mean spending done in analog and with a little bit of mana and Edition back not very good photos can be saved. And if we add also the economic situation, then obviously that who can not afford the cost of an interview conducted by a professional will have to opt for such alternatives if you want, and are entitled, have their photos.

All this can be seen more if possible when we talk about weddings. For these important events, many opt for one of these photographers or directly face their photos to a family member or friend amateur photography. As everything is a personal matter, I do not assess whether they do well or poorly. I certainly opt for a professional for that day, did not want to risk or be pending if was doing right or wrong.
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